Tuesday, March 27, 2012

FutureSaurus- Page 18

I've got 23 pages more to go, but thought I'd throw up one of the more exciting moments from the first issue on the blog.  I'm writing, thumbnailing, penciling, inking, lettering, and coloring this all myself, so bear with your lil buddy over here.  It's deliberately inked for color, so that's why there's no solid blacks.  I'll put up the colors as I go along, but just wanted to do a little teaser dealie today.  The official short synopsis of FutureSaurus is:  "Dr. Jeremy Duderman, the world's most wickedly awesome scientist, has just created his greatest invention, the Reality Alternative Dimensionator (or R.A.D. for short).  Instead of allowing Jeremy the power to go back and erase his painful childhood memories of being a nerd, he unintentionally releases the most extreme force in the alternative universe...  Rex Raditude aka The FutureSaurus!  But it isn't all pizza parties and video games as the evil Emperor Buzzkill and his cronies are constantly cramping Rex's style.  The world's fate now lies with the dinosaur who has prehistoric strength, a futuristic arsenal, and a 90's attitude!"   

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